Ayung River Rafting

Ayung River Rafting and Best Adventure Packages & Fun in Ubud

Ayung River Rafting as Starting Activities in Bali becide many attractions that are really interesting to visit. But coming to those attractions it will better to take adventure package. The advantages of taking adventure package is to give us more clear information and direction where to go, what to prepare, and what to do.
Here we are going to talk about adventure packages that will provide the tourists the experience and the easiness to enjoy the attraction facilities in several tourist spots in Bali.
There are three appealing facilities that we offer in this package. We believe that these three will give you the unique enjoyment.

White Water Rafting Tour that including a futuristic Rafting Reception Center, state of the art equipment outfitting gallery and opportunity to raft on previously uncharted waters from our new start point north of the Ayung River will taking you Bali’s Longest Rafting Trip. Bali Adventure Activities offer and serve this exclusive stretch river in a choice of two daily rafting sessions.
Exciting and challenging rapids add to thrill of Bali Best Rafting trip. The class 2 & 3 rapids are interspersedCwith casual river cruising beneath the jungle canopy, natural ramps and sudden drops with adrenaline action. Discover hidden waterfalls and swim in the pristine water under the watchful eye of our expert guides.

Starting at the Ubud Adventure Center, our Rafting Reception Center for custom fit-out of life jackets, helmets and paddles, before being led to our new jungle starting point via engineered stairs. An expert safety briefing session with Qualified River Rafting Guides follows before you launch into the approximately 2 hours Rafting Adventure.

  1. Ayung Rafting

One of the famous region in Bali is Ubud. One of the uniqueness that it has is a river that is very suitable for rafting activities. The name of the river is Ayung river. Therefore, rafting on Ayung river known as Ayung rafting.

Many tourists want to try to do rafting Indonesia, but because of the fear of the risk of drowning, then they doubt to do it. But, rafting activities in Bali is very safe. Of course, you have to choose a provider company that has a 100% safety record.

In addition, you also need to know the information about the level of the difficulty of the rivers used for rafting in Bali. The difficulty level of Ayung Rafting itself is on class II-III. It means, that the river is very suitable for beginners or for who first tried rafting activity.

  1. Ubud Monkey Forest

When tourists entering the attraction area of Monkey Forest in Ubud Bali, they will feel that the cool and fresh air greeting to them, while the green trees towering. Those sensations will appear even when you still in the parking area.

Of course, as the the name “Monkey Forest”, you will find the agile and cute monkeys there. The best time to visit Ubud Monkey Forest is at 2 in the afternoon. Because at that time most of the monkeys had getting enough food from previous visitors.

That makes the aggressive nature of those monkeys was slightly reduced. Although there are so many monkeys, coming to the Monkey Forest in Ubud is safe for you. You will see that there are so many officers who supervise the behavior of apes for the convenience and safety of visitors.

  1. Spa

Feel tired after visiting Monkey Forest Ubud? Don’t worry, your fatigue will be lost after you feel the special Spa of Bali. With Balliness massage, you will feel so relax. In addition, you will also find the Body Scrub to smooth your blood circulation and to clean your body skin from any dust.

Spa treatment that you will enjoy such as foot bath, body mask, body scrub, foot massage, body massage, face massage, luxury bath with flower and ginger tea. These treatment of course will make the whole of your body and feel so fresh.

We are sure that you will feel satisfy with the balliness massage because all these treatment will you enjoy about 2 hours.


A. Ayung River Rafting & SPA  

Price all Including:  a. Adult $ 65 usd/pax,  b. Child $ 50 usd/pax 

B. Ayung River Rafting & ATV

Price all Including:  a. Single $ 75 usd,  b. Tandem $ 125 usd 

C. Ayung River Rafting & Ubud Monkey Forest 

Price all Including:  a. Adult $ 55 usd/pax,  b. Child $ 45 usd/pax

D. Ayung River Rafting & Guwang Hidden Canyon

Price all Including:  a. Adult $ 75 usd/pax,  b. Child $ 60 usd/pax


Departure : 08.30 am


  • Minimum 2 persons
  • 50 % additional charge for one person traveler
  • 5 – 11 years old traveler ( 20 % discount )
  • Tour condition is private ( no other participant )
  • We are flexible according of situation & condition.