Bali Adventure Packages – Cute Elephants, Cool Kintamani, and Green Terrace

Travelling to Bali is never boring. Of course, because there are a lot of options that we can choose to visit. Even, all the tourist places have the wonderful beauty and most of them also have complete facilities like cafe, souvenir shop, the equipment needed and many more.

In one day, you can visit several attractive spots in Bali. Spending a day by enjoying some different attraction in Bali will be so pleasure. To manage well your tour, it is better for you to take adventure package. Here, we offer a very interesting adventure package so you can try several sensations of some place at Bali.

  1. Carang Sari Elephant Riding

Traveling up the elephants and wandering around the estate and the village have become one of the most favored travel by tourists who go vacation with family or partner. Here, the tourists can see that the elephant village is well maintained and still really natural. This elephant safari tours is located in Carangsari village.

The village has a history that is very important for the people of Bali itself. It is said that this village was the birthplace of the one of the heroes from Bali, I Gusti Ngurah Rai. He is a national hero who fought for the independence of Indonesia.

The elephants that live here purposely brought from Sumatra to cultivate because the wild world is danger for them. If we compare the Sumatran elephants with the other kinds of animal, Sumatran elephants are cleverer. They can remember many commands easily.

These elephants have been trained to interact with the humans. They also can do interesting attractions in their show to entertain the tourists who visit.

These elephants are so friendly to human. You can sit on their back and they will carry you to see the beautiful scenery arround, like the rice fields, the rivers, and the village environment. At the end of the trip, you can relax for while and eat the delicious Trunk’n’Mahour lunch meal at the cafe.

  1. Kintamani

The air at Kintamani are so cool. It reaches 18 degrees Celsius. That is why, the agricultural land becomes so fertile and rich in this area. The harvest of the farmers are also so abundant and are supplied to stall, cafe or restaurant in Kintamani.

The best way to enjoy your day in Kintamani is by eating at the restaurant with the beautiful scenery of the mountains around. The menu provided in the restaurant is also varies such as salads, corn soup, tomato soup and bread. There are also white rice, capcay, fried noodles, fried chicken, and special menu satay as the typical food of Bali.

  1. Ubud Rice Terrace Tegalalang

Tegalalang is so famous for its panoramic rice terraces that offers wonderful natural green scenery. So many tourists who in their trip to Kintamani will take their time and stop atvthis place just to take pictures and enjoy the meal in cafes or restaurants located along the road.

As one of the best views of rice terraces in Bali, Tegallalang has caught the hearts of many people. The best time to enjoy the beauty of the paddy fields is at daylight because green rice will seem so bright and fresh.

Tegalalang is also the center of home craft industry. There are many art shop along the street. So you can buy the special souvenirs of Bali here.